Welcome to a new way to provide holistic/alternative healing care for your pet(s)! You've likely heard of yoga, you may be aware of our body's chakras and the benefits of re-alignment of the chakras...possibly, you've even heard of the ancient Japanese modality - Reiki. As a pet owner, would it surprise you to know that all animals have chakras and that their chakras also benefit from re-alignment? In a time of caring for our pets through weekly grooming appointments, raw/holistic treats/food, outings at the dog park, and designer outfits which protect their feet from the ground and their bodies from the cold - why wouldn't we care for their unseen needs (like their spirit and their energy centres) as well? 

People who have experienced Reiki first hand know how incredibly beneficial it can be. Reiki treatments can aid us in: energy blockages throughout the body; centering and grounding; physical healing; mental/spiritual healing; focus; increased sleep quality; and general overall health and wellness. Would it surprise you to know that Reiki treatments can help our animals with these same things?

Animals are perfect little
receivers of energy healing, because they are pure of heart and lack the
judgement gene that we humans tend to have.

Animals are perfect little receivers of energy healing, because they are pure of heart and lack the judgement gene that we humans tend to have.



Over the last eight years, I have personally witnessed the benefits of Reiki. For me, it has meant a release of both physical and spiritual pain. I know it is real because I no longer require medication for my back and I know how relaxed and peaceful I am after a session. I believe in the benefits of Reiki to the point that I decided to take up the training and become a practitioner. My love and compassion for animals lead me to focus my practice on animal healing.

In an attempt to hone my craft and further prove the benefits of Reiki, I began working with homeless and abandoned animals in one of Winnipeg's local no-kill animal shelters. In seeing the effects that Reiki can have on these innocent victims of trauma, I decided to complete my training in Usui Shiki Ryoho and become a Usui Reiki Master. When I discovered that there was actual training in Animal Reiki, I was thrilled and ventured to the U.S. in the summer of 2014 to study under my mentor Kathleen Prasad. I returned to Manitoba as an enlightened and humbled Shinpiden / Animal Reiki Master / Teacher / Practitioner and excitedly began a training program here in Manitoba.

I regularly provide Reiki treatments for my own cherished pet - both for healing as well as to maintain overall health. My love and appreciation of animals as life's precious gifts, combined with my belief in the power of Reiki has led to the creation of Peaceful Paws Animal Reiki - "mobile Reiki services for animals great and small" - in the safe and comfortable environment of the animal's place of safety / home / shelter.