My friend Shelley Penziwol...

This post is devoted to a truly wonderful and creative friend of mine, Shelley Penziwol.

Shelley is responsible for creating the beautiful display material for my exhibits. Initially, we started with smaller posters created for my display at the Darcy's ARC Dog's Breakfast event in 2011. More recently, we collaborated on the larger, formal coroplast display featured at my first large public exhibit - the local Body, Mind & Spirit Show here in Winnipeg.

Shelley is fabulously creative and skilled in various media - she's a published author, a web designer, a photography enthusiast, an editor, a graphics aficionado, a professional researcher, a communications expert, and most recently - a "house planner/builder".

I owe a debt of gratitude to her for all of her time, input, suggestion and creative efforts in support of my business ventures. Shelley, you are a true and valued friend. Thank you for everything!

This post doesn't do her justice, for detailed information, please check out her website at: