Me and my precious one, Shrugg (who doesn't much like the flash of the camera). Shrugg is the second "stray" that has welcomed me into his life. He has quite the personality and believes he's a dog- despite having much in the way of "cattitude".

I am a certified Shinpiden and Animal Reiki Master / Teacher / Practitioner and Master/ Teacher/ Practitioner of Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki. I have been practicing Reiki for eight years and continue to consider myself a life-long student of the animals. Committed to further enhancing my practice, I am consistently pursuing additional education and training in alternative modalities for animals. As animals will often "take on" the issues and worries of their human counterparts / care-givers, my work has expanded to include owners as well as their pets. A "helper" personality and professional counsellor, I have always worked in professions that allow me to interact with / provide assistance to beings in need. My love of animals has guided me in my commitments with various animal protection / advocacy organizations. I have had the honour of holding the most important title of "mom" / caregiver for many animals over the years, but presently, my heart belongs to the precious ball of fuzz featured here on my site. I thank you for your interest and support, and truly appreciate your allowing me the privilege to assist your pet in self-healing for his / her greater good.

Namaste & blessings to you,



*Please help prevent the senseless end of innocent lives - spay/neuter your animal(s)...

Animals Are Not Disposable!!!*