In a place of gratitude....

Well, I've done my first public showing...the Body, Mind & Spirit Show a couple of weekends ago was a great success! So many people came to the show that a friend of mine likened it to shopping on Boxing Day (where you had to drive around waiting for someone to pull out of their spot). I had many people stop by my booth and despite my annoying cough (which turned out to be a sinus thing from allergies), I happily chatted with people about the business and Animal Reiki in general.

I felt especially proud to have both my Practitioner and my Teacher attend the event and help out at the booth. These wonderful ladies are not only the conduits to my Reiki journey, they are my dear friends. Thank you - it was amazing to have you beside me/encouraging me!

I was bursting with validation when two separate Reiki Masters/Practitioners approached me and thanked me for doing this work - that animals are often forgotten about (which is so true, and the main reason why I devote myself to them). Being recognized in this way really means a lot to me!

Congratulations to the winners of the "Cattitude" and "Dogma" baskets! I hope you (and your furry babies) enjoy them & I look forward to working with you.

I absolutely have to comment on the awesome support and love I received from my fabulous parents and friends! Thank you so much for taking the time to come out and for putting up with my anxiety ridden behaviours (I was soooo nervous!) building up to the show.

Thanks to Dale for allowing me to be a part of the show and for putting this wonderful event on every year!

Last, and certainly not least, a very special thanks to my friend Shelley Penziwol for her time and creative efforts on my display materials. Please see my individual post related to Shelley's many creative talents.

I truly love and appreciate all of you!

I am truly blessed and filled with gratitude!  


Never forget - those who cannot speak for themselves...

As mentioned on my home page, I've been lucky enough to be permitted to offer Reiki treatments to the animals at one of Winnipeg's local no-kill animal shelters - Darcy's Animal Rescue Centre at Many of the pictures on this site were taken at the shelter and feature animals who are still currently residing there. Some are strays, some are discarded pets, and some have been surrendered for a variety of reasons. Whether you are interested in providing a donation, looking to adopt, or want to become involved in other ways - please consider supporting your local no-kill shelter such as Darcy's ARC (here in Winnipeg). The animals are always in need and I promise you won't regret it!