Gratefulness, reflection and things to come...

Wow, I can't believe it's been 8 months since my last post...time flies...way too quickly. Funny how adding health issues to the regular "busyness" of life can seem to make time pass even faster. Now that the health thing is in check (and totally rebounding in a positive way), time to  get back into my life's true passions: energy work, animals and living with purpose.

I'm thrilled to pass on that my newest pursuits (and basically where the universe had lead me) include attending regular Restorative Yoga classes ('why' I haven't got into this sooner, I still don't know...sooooo essential for meditation and body, mind, and spirit balance) and additional training and education in Animal Reiki. I'm very excited to be adding Animal Reiki teachings/workshops to Peaceful Paws Animal Reiki Services in the near future...look for more information in summer 2014!!

Hope your 2014 has been beautiful so far!

Namaste & blessings,